Joshua Boulet's Sketch the World

UPDATED 12.07.2018

Mural unveiling

Frisco TX

UPDATED 11.10.2018

I am painting giant mural in Frisco TX

I had some friends come by

Photo by Christy Jedi Goddess

I get by with a little help from my friends

following photos by Kirk Chavarria

Frisco TX

Past and Present

Thanks for the great photos Kirk

Home made stencil cap

More friends visit me at the mural

I am known Stacey since HighSchool

above photo by Christy Jedi Goddess

Will this be enough paint

this pic sums its all up

UPDATED 11.02.2018

I am going to be painting a mural for awhile

Frisco TX

5th and Main st

UPDATED 10.23.2018

Rusty Dog

Judge Dredd

Cool weird thing I saw

So I drew it

It is getting closer to Halloween

Here are some spooky drawings

Michael Myers

Alfred Hitchcock Psycho

for Inktober

Drain prompt Day 21

UPDATED 10.16.2018

I have been busy

Here is what I have been up to

A new cover for Seattle Weekly

I finished this mural submission

for Frisco TX

I saw Bob Dylan

I sat way in the back and sketched with the light from my phone

One of the security guards asked me if I wanted to use her flashlight

I was far back and the details weren't going to get any better with better light

Thank you again


New Amsterdam themed video

UPDATED 09.22.2018

A new video

UPDATED 09.10.2018

New Video

Los Angeles

People reacting to me drawing the skyline

UPDATED 08/29/2018

Dallas Cowboys

Practice at The Frisco Star

Autographed by Dak Prescott 4 Sean Lee 50

Maliek Collins 96 Darren Carrington II 16

My buddy grabbed the drawing, leaned over the rail and screamed


UPDATED 08/07/2018

1984 George Orwell quote

UPDATED 08/02/2018

A Girl.s Best Friend is....

Watercolor. FOR SALE in the SHOP LINK

UPDATED 07/18/2018

Pisa Italy

Fallen Angel and Leaning Tower of Pisa

Check out the video of me drawing

Pisa Italy

UPDATED 07/07/2018

New stuff for sale in the shop

This one is a Moebius Harzac inspired piece


UPDATED 07/05/2018

I updated my shop

Lots of Originals now


Leaning Tower of Pisa

UPDATED 07/01/2018

Sometimes I draw on hats

Crying Baby Octopus

inspired by a crying baby on an airplane

Candy Teeth Radio interview with me

Click here for that.

Seattle Kerry Park

Prague observer

UPDATED 05/029/2018

Roma Rome

UPDATED 05/1/2018

I'm sketching the world right now

missing flights

check out this pic the Oki Doki hostel in Warsaw took

Also here is the painfully true story

of how the tour bus left me in Bath

UPDATED 04/15/2018

My Friend Jonathan Seright painted me

My April Fools joke got everyone good


couple of new videos

Boulet Boots hat

UPDATED 03.04.2018

Emerald City Comic Con

Here is the video

Star Wars

I am like a little kid again

UPDATED 02.27.2018

Darwin and Minerva Mayflower

Lake Merritt Oakland Sketch

UPDATED 02.26.2018

Capitol Hill Block Party 2018

Brunch Squad

Seattle Art party

at Jupiter

in Belltown

UPDATED 02.21.2018

Little Shop of Horrors



Also quite a few videos released

Sketch the World

Utrecht Netherlands

Robocop OCP Building in Dallas TX

Barcelona Spain

ONEOFUS in the Beat Lab

W Hotel Barcelona becomes the

B Hotel Barcelona

UPDATED 02.05.2018


The Amsterdam video is finally here

full video. all of my sketches

safe for viewing during work... I think

UPDATED 02.2.2018

I sketched ONEOFUS

do yourself a huge favor and

Listen to ONEOFUS music here

UPDATED 01.26.2018

New Green Reefer Cartoon

UPDATED 01.25.2018

My drawing of

Dealey Plaza

UPDATED 01.21.2018

I was the artist

on the Grassy Knoll

UPDATED 01.018.2018

Two new videos

About me drawing in London

Oh yeah... and then there is this


UPDATED 01.11.2018

Buckingham Palace


UPDATED 01.05.2018

Black Mirror

MetalHead episode

UPDATED 01.04.2018

Check out this awesome interview with me

about drawing, Mary Jane, toxoplasma, and cats

The Stoner Girls Guide interviews Joshua Boulet

Happy New Year

Been more video editing and cartoon making

than drawing.

So here is some of that

here is another interview with me

I am a lucky guy

or hard working

one of the two

A couple new videos for ya

Merry Christmas from the Green Reefer and Six-Pack


UPDATED 12.14.2017

UPDATED 12.08.2017

Jack Kirby

Kid, comics will break your heart

actual quote

Also check this out

The Green Reefer

has a cartoon

UPDATED 12.02.2017

A new video


Hollywood Boulevard

and Vine st

Los Angeles

UPDATED 11.30.2017


Bizarre Life

Phantom limbs of the Bizarre.

I do not move my leg cause I think one of the dogs is sleeping next to me,

But I am not at the Bizarre anymore.

A clang in the hallway make me wonder - whose there?

Space, Korpi, Kev-O, or Caleb?

But I am not at the Bizarre anymore.

You do not leave the Bizarre.

It slowly leaves you- like any good drug.



UPDATED 11.20.2017

Just finished editing m y


video. check it out

music has

Old School Poindexter

UPDATED 11.17.2017

Los Angeles

I dig the vibe here

I love that everyone has a dream here

L.A. 2017

UPDATED 11.13.2017


La Brea Tar Pits

Hollywood and Vine

There was something going on at

the Chinese Theater

more tar pit skethes

UPDATED 11.10.2017

Lake Merritt today

Oakland California

UPDATED 10.23.2017

I sketch Piccadilly Circus and become

An American Werewolf... uh

An American Sketcher in London

Also I turn into a werwolf at the end of this video

UPDATED 10.18.2017

I went to go watch a movie in Berkeley

and there were a bunch of Dinosaur bones on display

So I sketched em

UPDATED 10.16.2017

Jimi Hendrix

burns his lover

UPDATED 10.15.2017

new inktober?

UPDATED 10.13.2017

Friday the 13th 2017

Jeanna Voorhees

UPDATED 10.09.2017


this one is coming straight from the heart

a comic boasting of my weakness

UPDATED 10.08.2017



of course I made a video

that is all I am doing now a days

UPDATED 10.01.2017

I made a video about me drawing at

The WEEN show

San Francisco

UPDATED 09.03.2017

Two new videos

on my

please subscribe

Art Drop Golden Gate Bridge

Sketching the MI6 Building in London

UPDATED 09.03.2017

a new video

New comic in the comic section

A Dance

UPDATED 08.27.2017

The NBA championship trophey

San Francisco

I am looking at a reflection of myself here

UPDATED 08.23.2017

a new video

narrated by me

UPDATED 08.15.2017

a new comic

UPDATED 08.13.2017

In CA with a head full

UPDATED 08.12.2017

I'm drawing Space Ships

UPDATED 08.11.2017

Judge Dredd

submission for


if you wanna read the script

or try drawing a script

click the below link to go to the 2000AD site

UPDATED 08.05.2017

Here is a new video

about my travels in


UPDATED 07.28.2017

I watched

Kim Jung Gi


This is the second time I've seen him draw

San Francisco

I'm in the Bay Area again

Oakland be like . . .

UPDATED 07.24.2017

Here is a video of me

Kissing the Blarney Stone

and then drawing it

This is the drawing


inspired by real life

something I over heard

UPDATED 07.20.2017

Here is the video of my Whale encounters

Updated 06.29.2017

Today I am in San Francisco

Yesterday I saw a whale

After living in Seattle for 4 years

two of those by Alki Beach

I had written off never seeing a whale

This is exactly how it went down

Updated 06.27.2017

I'm uploading video of my Eueropean travels

Updated 06.23.2017

I created a video of me


Thanks to Zach Scott Pohl

for the music

Updated 06.12.2017

A video of me sketching scenes from

Montmartre paris

Thanks to Zach Scott Pohl

for the great music

Updated 05.19.2017 by Boulet

I've sketched so hard that I've already filled up an entire blackbook

say goodbye to BlackBook 42

and say Hello to BlackBook 43

Updated 05.18.2017 by Boulet


It is late when I get to the check in point at Stansted airport in London.

At first I think I am going to be cleared, but then the Border Guard squawks his walkie.

I have got a Stop-Check. Someone needs to come relieve me. he says.

Fuck. This again.

He grills me and I provide answers. What is you purpose for visiting London? How long are you staying? How much money do you have? Do you have a job? Have you had trouble with Border Control before?

I provide my printed out itinerary, and he asks to see proof of my departing flights. My phone is dead, so I have to use my laptop.

That is okay- take your time He says, I am still waiting for someone to cover me.

I connect to the free airport wifi, as he hands me this form

He says I bet this looks familiar. I think, maybe, but it has been awhile. I already know what comes next.

By now I have pulled up the proof of flight and all the places I am staying at while visiting London.

After looking at everything he directs me to the holding area.

Now this does looks familiar.

I quickly pull out my sketchbook and begin to draw.

This might be the only thing I get to sketch in London.

It will be a quick drawing.

Several minutes later he comes back.

Wow, you just drew that?! he asks.

That is what I do. I say.

I let him show the others guards. He takes the sketchbook to show them.

One of the girls asks- Did you draw me? Yes.

I look like a man, says the other.

(sorry hon, it is the uniform. It is never flattering).

Then the gentleman who has been grilling me asks his supervisor- Wait, are drawings of the border Control okay?

The Supervisor just silently nods her head.

Back to the business at hand.

He informs me that he has read the last report where I was denied entrance.

Things have not changed.- he says. I am still a freelance artist without a steady income.

So I log back into my laptop and access my online banking.

I also show him the confirm bookings for the hostels.

He goes back up the stairs, behind the black glass. At this point I am thinking FUCK THE BRITISH. I will act proper, but they are going to get a piece of my mind- about how they got the wrong person. I just want to draw your shitty country!

Then he comes back, and says- Okay, gather your things, and meet me at desk 18.

I take my time, shutting down my laptop.

Too long, and I rush over to the desk as a few things fall out of my bag.

Okay- he begins - We are going to LAND you, but I am giving you this stamp that will be a red flag to every time you try to enter the UK.-

I’m going to be landed! Yes!

I ask - Well, may I ask what these concerns are?

Without a family or a typical real job back in the U.S.A they are worried that I will try to start a new life in London…. We will not penalize you for being different. I am going to LAND you.

He stamps the passport, and tells me to go.

I walk past the border check with a smile on my face.

This time I made it!

I walk thru customs where there is no one waiting.

I’m squeaky clean so I was never worried, but when I realize that they never once searched my bag. I think:

Shit, I could have snuck in some of that Eindhoven Hash

LANDED IN LONDON 05/17/2017 10pmish as Lived by Joshua Boulet.

Updated 05.04.2017 by Boulet

I'm in Paris

and I visited

Pere Lachasie Cemetery

where Jim Morrison rests

now check this video I made about

drawing the tombe

Sketch the World

Updated 05.01.2017 by Boulet

Art Drop

La Cite De La Bande Dessinee

The City of Comics

Glorify the ninth art

I'm in France, and finally found an adapter

so here is a long over due upadate

waiting in a train station

in Toulouse France

We are all the same

Here is what I sketched in


I drew this in the rain

La Sagrada Familia

I have video to prove it

on my YouTube Channel

Ran ruins blackblooks

this ink was not waterproof

Trump D Arc


I find a cannabis club

in wonderful sweet sweet Barcelona

and I get high for the first time in over a month

I needed that

and I write a full review

updated later

Casa Mila

I was tried from a full day of drawing and travel

I messed up the details on this one

before all that

I ride a plane

from Jerez

to Barcelona

The plane is full

I am stuck in the middle

this is nothing to do but draw

So I draw from take off to touch down

Updated 04.25.2017 by Boulet

Art Drop

Rota Spain

I'll be doing one of these for each spot I visit in Europe

Check it out!

Updated 04.23.2017 by Boulet

I walked into the castle,

Castillo de Luna

and wedding music started playing.

Pictures were being snapped as I tried to get out of the way.

No one told me to leave, so I stayed and did this quick

Rota Spain

Someone call the Cute Police. . . . There is about to be an arrest!

UPDATED 04/18/2017



While walking in Rota last night,

I notice a small shop that has a pot poster in the window.

I make a mental note of where this shop is at, and vow to return tomorrow, when they are open.


It takes me awhile to find the store again.

Although I wander around for awhile I would not say I was ever truly lost,

and I realize that I have become comfortable navigating this small beach town.

Finally I see round about with the giant hands- it is directly across from that

which means I am almost there!

Yes! It is open! Wait a minute this is a. . . . a pet store?

I see the poster that I saw last night, so I go in.

It is a very small pet store.

I look around.

Pet stuff.

Pet stuff.

More pet stuff, and then I see it.

In a small standing glass case I see grow products with weed leaves on them. . . and seeds.

There are about five packages each containing cannabis seeds.

They are priced around Euro26.00

I hope.

I hope.

There is a book on top of the display and I thumb thru it

It is a catalog of what seeds are available.

I would buy some, but I do not have the time or a spot to grow a plant

(I will be in France in two weeks.

In a desperate attempt I decide I am going to ask the guy working if he has anything to sell.

Maybe out of his personal stash,

or the secret garden I hope is in the back.

maybe next to the dog food

He is talking to a customer,

and If this is gonna work it has to just be me and him in the store when I ask.

So I leave.

I walk around for about ten minutes, making notes of places I might like to eat at later.

I arrive back at the store but there is someone else inside.

This is a very small store so I know I will have a chance to be by myself but not right now.

I walk around a little more.

This time when I come back there is no one

I go back inside.

Hola! I say

Hola he answers.

Maybe he recognizes me from before

(I am sure it is weird to walk in and out of a place like I did)

he immediately comes over to help.

I try to explain:

My Espanol is un poco, I say.

Meaning very little, but in realty my Spanish is very bad.

He nods.

So in broken Spanish I attempt to ask if he will sell me weed.

I point at the case with the seeds.

I make the smoking a joint gesture with two fingers to my mouth.

Do you have? I ask in english

He looks confused and points at the case

We are not understanding each other

He calls over the Older Gentleman.

My first thought is, No not the old dude!

But the older Gentleman is just as polite.

I explain again that my Spanish is horrible,

and he corrects me on how to properly say that.

It goes in one ear and out the other. I am trying to buy weed here.

I explain, in English, that I am a tourist. It has been weeks since fumar Marijuana


I gesture to the case with the seeds. Plant. Do you have?

The younger Guy says a few things in Spanish, and I say SI..SI... thinking I understand

but he begins to open the case to get me some seeds.


No that is not what I am wanting.

Two months, he says in English.

Meaning in two months I will have the smoke I desire.

But I do not have two months.

I ask now. Do you have now?

OH, now they understand, and answer no.

They look at each other.

The mood is light, so I am not feeling worried.

They go back behind the counter, and I snap the above pictures.

I leave with a smile saying

luego (later),

and they return the polite goodbye.

Damn it.


Updated 04.13.2017 by Boulet



I am in Rota Spain.

The noisy crowd goes silent

The Procession of Pasos has begun

I begin to sketch

I notice a few people watching me draw.

I am happy to show them.

They compliment me in Spanish, or at least that is what I think is going on.

I smile.

Do you not speak Espanola?, a younger man asks.

un poco, I answer (very little)

In broken English he asks how much for the sketch.

This is the second time someone has asked to buy the sketch while I am drawing Holy Week.

I try to tell him that it is not for sale, and show him the sketchbook with the other drawings.

An older man asks to take a photo. I agree.

These floats or Pasos are considered works of art, and I can see why.

They are giant life like wooden sculptures.

Depicting the Passion of the Christ

There must be about 20/30 people under each float, carrying it on their shoulders.

They do take breaks

As the Pasos is lowered I hear the wood creak and creak,

giving evidence to how heavy these things really are.

Two taps of a cane,

a signal to inside,

and the Pasos is raised in an upward thrust to continue the march.

believers touch it as it walks past



followed by a brass band follows.


I follow the procession, sketching.


I break off to try and get ahead so I can finish my drawing.

As I’m walking down narrow alleys ways I realize I have no idea where I am at.

But I’ll worry about that later.

Besides all I need to do is find the beach, and then I’ll know my way back.


I cut down this alley, and up another one.

I see a large crowd and I am able to finish the above drawing.

Updated 04.11.2017 by Boulet

Updated 04.09.2017 by Boulet

La Semana Santa

Holy Week

Day one

Rota Spain

Updated 04.07.2017 by Boulet

Seville Spain

Sketch Alcazar

A tour group walks past as I'm drawing

photos by Nick Waters

We arrived late, and only have an hour to sketch

We draw to the end

and are eventually escorted out by security

So here are some photos I took of the place

My buddy Nick, and I

in Seville Spain

And then back to Rota

Where a special message awaits you

Updated 04.05.2017 by Boulet

I'm really digging on this Spanish dish

so much that I decided to draw it my third time eating it.

Carrillada Iberica

This half portion of Tapas costs 3,00 Euro

and comes with olives.


and olives

Updated 04.04.2017 by Boulet

Sketch the World


La buena vida

Rota Library




This building has been around since 70 B.C

Sketching Viacrucis



Let the Adventure begin!

Updated 03.25.2017 by Boulet

The Moment Before

Updated 03.23.2017 by Boulet

L.C.A. Daze

Good things happens when you visit the L.C.A Starbase

Updated 03.16.2017 by Boulet

New Seattle Weekly Cover

Updated 03.15.2017 by Boulet

I visited NASA

Sketching Mission Control

Art Wall by Boulet

Portraits of Boulet

by various Seattle Artist

Updated 02.21.2017 by Boulet

A pile of Seattle Weekly

that I have art in or cover

Monday vibes


Friday vibes

I'm painting a mural

Updated 02.12.2017 by Boulet

A new comic

Updated 02.07.2017 by Boulet

Something I painted for a local art show


Updated 01.30.2017 by Boulet

The Beatnuts

Seattle WA

Updated 01.27.2017 by Boulet

An ad for Seattle Weekly

Two out of Three covers have my art

Updated 01.22.2017 by Boulet

Something Bernie Wrightson said in 1987

Updated 01.21.2017 by Boulet

Seattle Womxn's March

Updated 01.20.2017 by Boulet

Seattle Weekly Cover

Something Bernie Wrightson said

back in 1987....

Updated 01.03.2017 by Boulet

Star Wars

Updated 12.30.2016 by Boulet

Drawnk- a Seattle Artist meet up Collab

Inks by Boulet

The Original pencils

Updated 12.29.2016 by Boulet

2016 year end rap

It was sealed with a kiss as light as a tap

Updated 12.27.2016 by Boulet

Carrie Fisher

as Princess Leia

2nd and Bell

Seattle be like...

Taylor Grigsby finds a unique use for my

NorthWest Leaf Christmas cover

City Hostel Christmas


Updated 12.24.2016 by Boulet


Updated 12.20.2016 by Boulet

New comic

Updated 12.14.2016 by Boulet

Updated 12.12.2016 by Boulet

I drew some Christmas covers

Merry Christmas

Updated 12.07.2016 by Boulet

Quote by MLK

Life Drawing


Updated 12.05.2016 by Boulet

Kyle Gass Band

at Tractor Tavern

KG in the crowd

Barton Fink

Updated 11.28.2016 by Boulet

My drawing in the

Seattle Weekly

See me?

Eli Wolf made this

Reed Carpenter frames my artwork

Always good to see my art

in a good home

Boulet in Oakland

Photo by Allie W

Updated 11.17.2016 by Boulet

Inspiration for this one came

while listening to a Talib Kweli song

America's President

Updated 11.12.2016 by Boulet

Drawing at GreenWood Community Dinners

Updated 11.04.2016 by Boulet

Seattle Weekly cover by Boulet

NoFX Seattle

Updated 11.03.2016 by Boulet

Seattle Weekly cover by Boulet

Updated 10.20.2016 by Boulet

I'm back in Cali

Wormhole Wednesdays

photo by unknown

Getting ready for Halloweed

with Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Updated 10.17.2016 by Boulet


in San Francisco

Updated 10.10.2016 by Boulet

A lot of Hearts...

I draw my Dad

Claude Boulet

One of the most bad ass women in American Cinema

Linda Hamilton Terminator 2

Updated 09.19.2016 by Boulet

Skinny Bob

Updated 09.18.2016 by Boulet

Art collab

Art party

Updated 09.17.2016 by Boulet

Life Drawing

I get sketched by Seattle artist

Seth Goodkind

Updated 09.06.2016 by Boulet

Greenwood Art Blastoff

Updated 08.30.2016 by Boulet

I made a T-shirt


Updated 08.29.2016 by Boulet

Where is my mind?

Updated 08.25.2016 by Boulet

Moon Lander

as it should be

A collab with

Nick Gucker

Here we are working on it

Nick Gucker tags backbook 40

Updated 08.17.2016 by Boulet

New Dune

Les Miserables


Updated 08.15.2016 by Boulet

My submission for Ween Zine no.2

Pity the Postman illustration

in the Seattle Weekly

Greenwood artwalk

Updated 08.04.2016 by Boulet

Viva Los Amigos


because it made me smile

A new cover for Seattle Weekly

Pockets of Light

Updated 08.02.2016 by Boulet

A new Blackbook


39=51 days usage

Sketchbook dump

Updated 07.29.2016 by Boulet

I did a mural!

Herbs house

in Ballard

Updated 07.20.2016 by Boulet

A new DUNE comic

Updated 07.15.2016 by Boulet

I've been playing Pokemon GO

here is what I've caught so far

Seattle Art Museum shares my sketch

Street Art

Updated 07.12.2016 by Boulet

Some recent things ...

Updated 07.10.2016 by Boulet

Nothing Gold can Stay

Updated 07.08.2016 by Boulet

Deep Sea Diver sketch

Summer at SAM

Here is a recent watercolor

"Get Sarah"

I made this as a thank you

for my participation on Sasquatch 206

A page from current Black Book 39

Life Drawing

I found this sticker

and drew all over it

Thanks for the photo

Orion Tippens

I also drew this


Updated 06.28.2016 by Boulet

R.I.P my friend...

Updated 06.26.2016 by Boulet

Based off this photo

I'm in Creepy #25

Dark Horse Comics

Got a copy of the Ween-zine I have art in

Updated 06.22.2016 by Boulet

Anything VS Pizza Tuesday

Updated 06.21.2016 by Boulet

Fremont Solstice

He followed me as I went to get something to eat

He drew this in my blackbook while I ate

We go to a bridge

and we write our tags

I went back to the spot only two days later

and the tags had already been buffed

Updated 06.17.2016 by Boulet

Life Drawing

Updated 06.09.2016 by Boulet

The thing about racism is . . .

back to the program. . .

Local Artist StarHead Boy

is inspired by the photo of my lounging

updated 06.6.2016


as lived by BOULET



May 26th 2016 

I'm part of a group of artists that have been invited by Ryan Henry Ward.  

This will be my first time at the Gorge. I hear it's gonna be awesome.  

Fueled on laughter an curls, Jessica and Roxy Rose get us there. 

Close to the festival she picks up two hitch hikers and drops them off at the main gate. 

Time to make our way to the artist camping grounds.


I find a spot, and set up a tent. 

Sasquatch is a four day festival, and this is just cold night one.  

I shiver myself to sleep and think "What the hell I've gotten myself into?"

FRIDAY MORNING- DAY 1 - I'm gonna be all right. 

For the next couple of days I'll be painting a mural with Henry. 

I'll be drawing people from the crowds.

This is for Pepsi's Kola House. 

It is a comic book mural. 

It will take us (Henry, the 3 Chicago artists, and me) four days to finish.



Here are some detail shots of what I did:

The Three background characters here: 

All of the red / blue crowd scenes.

My fingerprints make up the red splatter!

See the little red heart? 

They would host Kola House podcasts in front of the work in progress. 

Photo credit unknown.

Sketching Henry at the Kola House stage.




Sunday night. Big Grams (Big Boi from OutKast and Phantograms) are playing the Bigfoot stage. 

I walk up to security and show them my orange backstage bracelet. 

The security guard frowns and says "No backstage passes tonight."

"But I'm the visual artist" I say, as I hold up my sketchbook, and a lanyard with my photo on it that says VISUAL ARTIST. 

(Thank you Melissa)

"Okay. That works." he says and opens the gate. 

I try but I am not able to actually get on stage, despite my pleas of needing to document the show correctly. 

So I walk around to the front of the stage. 

Here I am able to stand between the barrier of fans and the stage. At times Big Boi will only be a few feet from me. 

This is where the media is allowed, and about twenty of them run around snapping the same photo..

I dance. I draw. I enjoy the show. 

At some point they stop to wish the DJ a Happy Birthday. 

A pink pinata is lowered from the top of the stage and everyone wishes the DJ, who is also named JOSH a Happy Birthday. 

He swings, but the pinata is pulled up. He gives them a look. I can only see a certain amount being this close to the stage.  

After he demolishes the pinata he HURLS the large mop handle he was using, into the crowd

The Girl on stage screams "JOSH! What are you-!?"

Big Boi just stares. 

I couldn't see what happened, but I thought there is no way he really threw that mop handle.

Quickly Sarah, on stage, apologizes and the show gets back to jamming. 

A few songs later security comes up to me and says "All media has to leave! You gotta go!"

"But I'm the visual artist!" I say and show them my sketch. 

"Okay. He can stay." one guard points at me "but everyone else- OUT!"

Now it is just me and two security guards in all this space. 

I smile and continue to sketch. 

It took a few attempts but eventually I am able to produce something I am happy with.




I have time, so I turn around and sketch the crowd.

I stay until the show ends. When someone is yelling at the DJ to apologize, but I can't really hear, and the crowd groans.  

I walk around the back to try and get an Autograph, but Big Boi is GONE. 

I see Sarah of Phantograms, and wait to say hi. 

I show her my sketch and contemplate if asking her for an autograph would be okay. Then I think, wait, I might be like, only sign here, and that might be rude. What should I do? I stand there, smiling.  

She gives me a weird look and walks off. 


I walk back to camp, tell my story, and hang out with my friends. 

Sunday ends. 

It will be late in the next day when I meet 


There are three sides to this part of the story.

Mine, hers, and the truth.

This is mine. . .

When I see her, out of the corner of my eye, I abruptly I leave the conversation I was having and walk over to her.

I can already see that there is something special about her.

Politely, almost a little too shy, I ask to sit down.

"You're an artist?" I ask.


"You're also a. . . a . . . "

I stumble on my words.

Just say it Boulet. Just say what she is. You see it. So does everyone else. Besides, she is kinda cute.

"You're a Sasquatch, right?"


We talk a little bit. 

Apparently the Sasquatch tribes will socialize with the Humans ONLY once a year- at the SASQUATCH Music Festival

"Wow. I had no idea." I say.

She has some amazing art ideas.

I try to make her laugh.

As we talk I pick up a vibe that she might be flirting with me. Seriously?

I thank my lucky stars! I can already see our two styles melding together into some kind of weird Human Sasquatch obscure art greatness! 

Of course I could only see her once a year, but.... I'm not worried about that.

How does that saying go? True love knows no bounds? Yes...

Plus, she is kinda cutel. Wait, did I already say that?

I should have told her that then and there, because I get distracted by a friend or smoking weed, or something, I can't really remember,

but it will be a few hours before I see her again. . . .with another man.

She is sitting on top of the hill. 

I can see that she is sketching now. . . him.

He is a handsome Prehistoric Reptile type bird man. It is hard to describe. I'll just draw it-

Amber and the Bird Man - he swooped in, and I immediately disliked him. 

I try to give them some time, but he isn't leaving.

Finally I walk up the hill to say hi, but the vibe has already changed.

I watch her draw for a few seconds- just long enough for my heart to break, and then walk off. 

I am already lost in the crowd as I wave bye. 



Like a raging fire that can't be controlled. 

Each heart beat causes a pain that  pounds thru my body.

had just met her. I had nothing invested. How can it hurt like this?

I plop down in the grass at the main stage, and amongst the festival goers I smoke hash until I can forget about Amber.

Which turns out to be a lot of hash

A cute Sasquatch girl broke my heart.


I am still alive.


For the last day that damn sun wakes me up on time.

I quickly break down my campsite.

I high five all my new friends, hitch a ride, and get the fuck back to civilization and a warm shower. 



At one point I am back at the camp. Carl comes up to me and tells me that down at the main stage bar he was talking with some of the other artists. 

He tells me that everyone was saying how awesome of an artist I am.

Who? I quickly ask

He lists off a list that will forever stay close to my heart.

I give him a hug. 




Thank you, my friends, beyond whatever words or art I could ever produce.

I'll give you a BIG HUG next time we meet.





UPDATED 06.03.2016

Seattle Weekly Shindig!

UPDATED 05.23.2016

I'll be drawing live at Sasquatch 2016


It's Always Sunny in Philildelphia

The Gang Goes on Family Fight

Charlie, do you eat Dragons?


goodbye BlackBook 38


My art in the Seattle Weekly

Finished. Seattle E-Bike

UPDATED 05.04.2016

For a WEEN fanzine submission

UPDATED 04.28.2016

I have artwork in CREEPY 23 by DARK HORSE COMICS

The frontispiece

The frontispiece

I pay tribute to comic book legends

Frank Frazetta

Bernie Wrightson

Richard Corben

Jack Davis

In the credits

my name is next to Richard Corben

Corben also has a short story in this issue

In the letters section

I have a fan!

Thank you Salvador Wolfe

Salvador Wolfe- contact me for a free sketch

UPDATED 04.24.2016

UPDATED 04.22.2016

Some sketchbook stuff

Ballard Life Drawing Class

I model,for the class

and draw back

Oscar smiles

cool collab

with artist Cassie Murphy

I benched Georgetown

UPDATED 04.13.2016

Sasquatch Festival pre meet

UPDATED 04.12.2016

Collab with Colin Curry

My third eye is kicking strong,

and out of my heart shines this incredible light.

I call it GOD, but it prefers to be called love.

Delusions of grandeur?

UPDATED 04.11.2016

KEXP Seattle

Sticker SLAP

Thanks Xaiver lopez

for this interview

Title: A Confab with Joshua Boulet – Of Dark Horse Comic Books,

Led Zeppelin, Love and Reefer Superheroes!

Sketching a sketcher

Colin in the Park

I'm trying to change this about me


it is a great quote

UPDATED 03.31.2016

The Sun Rays of Europia

watercolor by BOULET

for sale in the shop

Another Seatle Weekly cover!!!

I created this after watching

Jill Bolte Taylor's Ted Talk

So I sent it to here in an e-mail

She wrote back


UPDATED 03.21.2016

Bernie Sanders Rally at Key Arena


Standing in the rain drawing

will ruin sketchbooks

UPDATED 03.20.2016

Capitol Hill Light rail opens

Seattle Mayor Murray is there

I sketch him

UPDATED 03.12.2016

UPDATED 03.10.2016

new stuff!

Seattle Weekly cover

My art next to Daniel Clowes's art?

bad photo (lighting) of a great cover


Earlier in the day...

St.John at Bernard's in Seattle

UPDATED 03.09.2016

A new comic!

in the comic section

UPDATED 03.01.2016

I read a friends social media post

and made this

UPDATED 02.24.2016

UPDATED 02.23.2016

UPDATED 02.21.2016

As I was watching



I paused the movie to draw this scene

I made this to heal my heart

Updated 02/17/2016

Drawn at a Seattle local meet up

Updated 02/12/2016

Here is what I did today

Live drawing at




Nemesis local comic artist

Busy day

Updated 02/04/2016

A quick sketch

on the C Line

My drawing in the Seattle Weekly


Cool little art show

lots of great local talent

04.04.16 Pioneer Square Saloon 5/10p

Updated 01/25/2016


a quick one

that had me smiling

while drawing




From DRAWNK in Pioneer Square

The Talented Reed Carpenter painted me

Reed Carpenter (check out his FB. click here.)

from DUNE mini comic night



Happy MLK Day


Before I leave Dallas...

A comic

Warp Zine meet up


Lets start 2016 out right!



New comic in the comic section

Jacques Tardi influence


I am SpaceMonkey 420


Judge Dredd submission

I wanna be in Fight Club ..again


issue 7

I did the Covers for the Seattle Weekly Gift giving guide 2015

Christmas covers

Nortwest Leaf - Seattle/ WA

Oregon Leaf - Oregon



I've just come back from the future!

This all girl band is the new sound!


Fremont Abbey Arts Center

uses my sketch of


for their November events




Dark Horse Comics



Dean Ween

at Showbox Seattle

If you're a Ween fan, it was a great show




I have art in Creepy#22


images of Boulet drawing the



My Seattle Weekly Cover


based off photo by Charles Meacham

Sam Baxter at Viretta Park Seattle

Kurt Cobain memorial bench

Bradon Beach Oregon 2015


This makes me smile

Here is the backstory on this one.

The unfortunate house that is in front of the 50 bus/Alki gets a lot of foot traffic.

Just recently the owner (female) had begun to leave ‪‎chalk‬ out, with ideas for people to write things

One day I noticed the chalk was low so I anonymously dropped more off.

The sidewalk art continued

and then I saw this sign posted on the tree,

in front of the 50 bus stop

in ‪Alki‬ Seattle


Hempfest 2015

I have a backstage pass

Operation 2015

Always gotta draw Jake

Backstage McWilliams Stage

Kat B speaks

Seeley Stage at 4:20pm

Ready for free joints

Backstage Basedrop

Dancesafe backstage host


Hempfest 2015



Here is the comic



August Self Portrait


I colored this for a submission

Let's meet God

Read it here

Let's meet God



my comic is on HEAVY METAL dot com



New Comic

Based on a real report


Awesome Fight Club 2 News!

I'm in the back of ISSUE 3

They used my first drawing



in print, and on the Join Project Mayhem website

I joined Fight Club


Join Project Mayhem



I'm trying hard to get into the back of


Based on a real life conversation


Enlightenment by Boulet?


I wheat past a crossword puzzle and connect-the-dots puzzles

in Post Alley/ Seattle

I document the audience interact with it

Click here to go the the YOUTUBE video


For Fight Club 2

Updated 06.28.2015

So I have a GoPro now

The goal is to make art videos of me creating

This is the first one of many

Zach Pohl plays at Herbs House

Ballard / Seattle


Updated 06.24.2015

Susie Philipsen at the Fremont Arts Abbey

Erik Walters

Jolie Holland

Jolie Holland play the Fremont Abbey

Seattle Bus Graffiti.

Updated 06.22.2015

Seattle Bus Graffiti.

I believe the tag is "INSPIRE"

Updated 06.19.2015

Graffiti or Art?

A sketchbook page

Still in Seattle

I drew on a West Seattle map

My Bus Transfer Art is hung

I wheat pasted something

Updated 06.15.2015

Updated 06.08.2015

King County Metro

So I saved my bus transfers

Glued them to paper

then drew on top

Updated 06.02.2015

Updated 06.01.2015

Updated 05.27.2015

NorthWest FolkLife at the Seattle Center


Updated 04.30.2015

Lets end the month with a sketchbook dump

Ninja Tutles

Updated 04.19.2015

Here is what I did yesterday

in drawings

I leave Georgetown, meet a friend, then back to West Seattle


The party spills into the streets

The Fire Marshall comes

I quickly sketch the firetruck

Everything is OK!

The party goes on

The Fire Marshall says "Hey, nice sketch. You're quick!"

Another one comes back to look


Updated 04.15.2015

Here is what I did today, in drawings

Sat in on an open meeting of the

Seattle Arts Commission

Stumbled upon a protest

...and joined them.

I drew while I walked

Visited 4Culture Seattle

What a good day

Updated 04.13.2015

I'm not sure what I'm trying to say with this one

but I'm trying to say something

Updated 04.12.2015

I end the night with a punk show

Seen here Seattle's own "SUCCESS!"

Black Lives Matter

at Columbia City Art Gallery

Updated 04.09.2015

Looking out this window

Sound Transit Metro King County Seattle

Updated 04.02.2015

I'm on the Cover of Seattle Weekly

Updated 04.01.2015

Emerald City Comic Con

as lived by BOULET


Updated 03.29.2015

I take a break from Emerald City Comic Con

to sketch a crew of girls spray paint a wall

I Heart Comic Art

begins Emerald City Comic Con 2015

Updated 03.23.2015

Gift of Gab in Fremont Seattle

I watch Master artist KIM JUNG GI US

As lived by Boulet

Updated 03.15.2015

She painted in the rain

I draw.

Updated 03.12.2015

Grafitti Girls only!

Updated 02.25.2015

Urban Sketchers Feb 2015


Updated 02.09.2015

Updated 02.02.2015

I am at home drawing. Waiting. Watching the Seahawks in Superbowl XLIX, and I must say they are looking pretty damn good. I think they are going do it! Yeah, they are gonna win!-- And that means there will be a riot downtown! 

It’s the 3rd quarter. 4th and down. I pull a Hail Mary- grabbing the sketchbook, and jump on a bus heading to Pioneer Square. On the ride there I have time to think. Wow, my first real riot. I have missed so many of the big ones. (I was close in NYC during Occupy) Hmmm, What if the riot became kind of a thing, a Victory Riot. It could be part of the game. Like how the commercials are now. What if each city was guaranteed a riot after the victory? It would give us a chance to let off a lot of steam, and maybe burn a few things. Isn.t that what this game is about anyway? So riding the 21 bus towards downtown I am able to convince myself that I am not going to just fuck shit up.

I get to Pioneer Square and Cops are EVERYWHERE. I join a crowd that has spilled out onto the street, watching the final two minutes of the game. A group of SPD are huddled around a news van. One of them screams. !YES! YES! Thank God yes! Then 7 seconds later the rest of us witness the miracle happen. Jermaine Kearse s amazing catch. I walk over to the Police group, staying a safe distance of course, and I watch the Seahawks lose 7 seconds before everyone else. The Fans scream !WHY? Why would you throw the ball on the one yard line?! I wonder if the pass had worked would they be screaming about the brilliance of the play?

A large group of Police are being sent home, and they look relieved. Blue and green pours out of the bars. Deflated. It actually happened. The Seahawks lost the Superbowl. That means…. There will not be a riot! Deflated, I walk around Pioneer Square. Man, no one is flipping over cars, or burning anything! Some people scream !SEA! !HAWKS!. I see someone snapping pictures of a cute dog. Everyone just seems really really sad that we lost. So I walk around and end up walking past the Mission Homeless Shelter. There are about 20 or more men outside. Some are smoking cigarettes. As I pass my thoughts are about what hardships their lives must have had to put them here. Then I remember this radio report I had heard earlier in the day, about a guy in Vegas betting almost a million dollars on the game. I looked at these homeless, possibly hungry people here, and thought ...Man, what a douche bag.

Eventually I make it to my bus stop where the universe places an attractive blonde. She has the Seahawks Eye Black, and tugs two small twin dogs. A hello leads to a conversation, and we end up boarding the C bus together. Not even one stop later I hear dispatch over the radio saying, !All buses do not take 1st avenue there are serious disruptions in Pioneer Square.! I rush to the front, and ask the bus driver if I can get off right here. !Are you serious! he asks. !Yes. I’m serious.! He hesitates. Then opens the door. I look both ways and then hope off. I hear someone in a sad voice say ....I want to riot.

As I rush towards Pioneer Square I play the bus moment over in my head. Man that was to cool. Total action movie moment. I know it. There was a cute girl, and everything. Wait a minute. I have no way of contacting that cute girl! Kaylee, if you read this you can call me at 206.555.0420.

I make it to Pioneer Square and there are no SERIOUS DISRUPTIONS here. The Square looks exactly the same as when I left it! Ugh! I walk around a little more, and finally a cop yells at me. !Hey get off the phone, and pay attention! I quickly do what I am told. After all, I am dressed in all black. Eventually I must accept that there is not going be a riot. I catch the C bus back to West Seattle. It is a crowded bus full of drunks that argue over how good poutine is. I safely make it back home and blaze my own Super Bowl.

Updated 01.26.2015


This tree had many faces in it

Updated 01.25.2015

Updated 01.18.2015

Some heavy reading?

Updated 01.17.2015

Updated 01.16.2015

Whoever fell in love today, this one is for you.

Updated 01.10.2015

Practicing my colors.This seemed like a good one to color...

Updated 01.01.2015

Fireworks from Alki Beach.

West Seattle

Updated 12.25.2014

Merry Christmas to all!

Here is something I made for my Mom, because I love her

Updated 12.21.2014

Updated 12.15.2014

Living in West Seattle/ Alki is BEAUTIFUL

Getting here and there by bus is trying

But then I witness something like this

Updated 12.07.2014

Henry "I Myth You"

Ballard/ Seattle

My art on the Christmas cover of the Dec issue of NorthWest Leaf

...and a two page spread...

I'm currently working on my 33rd sketchbook


Order a print of ANY IMAGE you see on this website.