NEWS 2010 - Beginning.

Joshua Boulet


2010 is almost done! Wow. What a crazy year it's been. Loved some, hurt some, lost some, gained some, ate and drank some! Check this out. this is a concept drawing by Boulet and colored by the amazing Chris Garcia (Marvel Superheroes). Chris is a friend of mine and was happy to share his skillz.


All right Boulet Fans, check this out. I've been submitting Conan artwork to Dark Horse Comics, and managed to get a couple drawings published. Check em out. Conan the Cimmerian issues #24 and 25. Editor Philip S. hooks up the text at the bottom of the art, and boy, do I mean HOOKS it up!

HA HA HA HA!!!!!


Almost a month since the last post. I'll try to post more frequently, but the good news is that I've been drawing! Check this out. Just finished this awesome drawing inspired after I caught the Bob Dylan tribute film "I'm Not There." I call this piece 'I Think they allow Robots in here." This is for sale.


NEW COMIC UP IN THE COMIC SECTION! "The Goonch" Right now still a working title, but based on an episode of 'River Monsters'


So I'm entered into the Threadless T-Shirt competition. If anyone wants to help by voting on my design


Rate it how you see fit, just rate it! Thanks Boulet fans. Only 3days left to vote on my design!


So how was the Dallas Webcomics Expo? I'll let BatGirl tell the story:


Did ya hear about the family that was about to be evicted of their house, and then found the Action Comics #1. COMIC BOOKS WILL SAVE YOUR SOUL!!!!! er, I mean save the World.


What!?! I finished ALL the artwork for the Amelia comic. We're shooting for a Christmas release. Read all about it here:



We'll I'm back from Canada, and the first thing I got back to work on and uploaded was the Girlshow 2010 Sketch the World Series. Check it out here or at the comics section of my website.


New colors from the AMAZING Amelia Project. It's coming soon Boulet Fans!



images from the new comic. click the link above. Read it all there!

05-20-2010 Another good review for the Wrong Night in Texas. At

Also keep up with what I'm doing on the Amelia Blog below. 05-19-2010 Check this out.


This is a blog that will cover the new comic that I am working on with ArtLoveMagic Main Man Mike Lagocki. Man this thing looks good. be sure to check back on it often, and Lagocki will update it as we complete work. 04-24-2010 DA PROFESSOR a.ka. Professor Boulet at work teaching in the

ArtLOVEMagic workshop

Photo by Mary Young

04.23.2010 TOMORROW. 4-24-2010. Things to do in Dallas. I will be teaching a life drawing class at the ArtLOVEMagic workshop. Classes are cheap and knowledge is priceless. So if you want to attend get all the info here!

Life Drawing Workshop By Professor Boulet

04.20.2010 Happy Birthday to my webcomic, the Green Reefer. Check out the second installment of the graphic novel called


03.01.2010 Finally, my long awaited graphic novel, The Wrong Night in Texas is complete! Click the banner for a preview and to order the book. 115pgs! Five years of my life! PLEASE BUY ONE! Haha.

I will be premiering The Wrong Night in Texas at the Staple! Independent Media Expo in Austin TX on 3.6.2010. stop by and say hi. Booth #48

01.13.2010 My Art park sculpture appears in a Dallas TX promo video. Click the link below to watch. My painting comes in at 1:19 and goes by REAL quick, but if you rewind it couple of times an Angel gets it's wings. You Tube Dallas Promo Video

12-15-2009 If you didn't show up at the event last Friday, here is the artwork you missed. An awesome jam piece by Me, Mike Lagocki, David Rodriguez, Ben Moss, Samax Randolf, and Khalid Robertson. We hit it up two at a time.


When I wasn't on the jam piece I was finsihing up this: I call it "Give us the flowers!"



12-07-2009 Hello friends. Here is a list of events that I will performing my live art at.


Drawing with my good friends at for a Toys for Tots/ Hip Hop show. 12-13-2009


Waco Tx 12-19-2009


and after the New Year 01-30-2010


come out, say hi, see some good art, hear some good music, and good people. 11-07-2009 I Volunteered at the ArtLoveMagic workshop number 1. Check out what I drizz-ew. Isaac Davies teaches a class on how to draw while I draw him. Isn't it ironic, don't you think?


David hopkins teaches. Mike Lagocki and Ben Moss (pictured) hang on his every word as it deals with making funny books, and we all know that comics will one day save the world, or something like that.


Sleeping like an angel


09-14-2009 The Art Park ribbon cutting had a good turn out, despite the rain. I had a couple of friends and fans come see what my crazy hands had painted. So one last time, because I couldn't get the other picture to work. The Man and his painting...


09-11-2009 Finally finished my Art Park piece, I'd like to know what everyone thinks. The artwork before this new phase was up for ten years, so I'm hoping that this will be there as long.


Come to the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Saturday, September 12th 2-4 pm. The Deep Ellum Foundation hosts a Ribbon Cutting event celebrating the 30 fabulous new public murals in Deep Ellum Art Park. The Art Park is located along Commerce Street, Canton Street, and Good Latimer Expressway under Interstate 75. Just walk across Good Latimer from Bark Park Central.


09-03-2009 I?m currently painting a mural in downtown Dallas. This is for the newly renovated Deep Ellum Art Park. I?m part of the Art Love Magic group, and couldn?t be happier. There will be a ribbon cutting event 09-12-2009 at the Art Park. Please come and see the finished piece. Until then here are some photos by the talented Carolyn Collins



And of course, from Mike, David, and Art Love Magic


7-17-2009 All right, a lot has been going on so there should be a lot of updates, but? you know me. Check out Art LOVE Magic I usually do a show with them once a month. They?re good people. I?ll be at the Father?s Day event on June 2oth.


Great time at the Heroes4Heroes / Wizard World Texas 2008. Check out this cool video by Luke Hawkins and Scott Hinze at Fanboy. They put together a great show, and even managed to capture my ugly mug a couple of times. I didn't take any pictures so what you see were taken by my good friend James Mendez. 

Scott auctioning off my Doctor Doom piece. I believe it went for $4,000. Oh wait, that was Marko Djurdjevic's Captain America ( no picture of it here, but you can see it in the video. It's bad ass). 

Boulet hard at work or hardly working? 

James and Boulet

James O'Barr (creator of The Crow). Awesome piece that reads "My Batman can beat up your Batman."  Yes he can. 


Lee Bermejo. One of my favorite pieces of the evening. Charcoal and paint.

Mitch Breitweiser. It was real cool watching this go from Black and white to full color.

And there were TONS of other great art, but like I said I didn't take any pictures. Big ups to James for the pics. Fanboy for the support. Art Love Magic for the invite, and Space Gun studios 'cause they rock. See ya in a few months.

10-09-2008 I'll be at the A.P.E ALTERNATIVE PRESS EXPO in San Francisco Nov 1st and 2nd. Should be cool real cool. If you're there be sure to stop by and say hi.


05-23-2008 No new news? yet. I killed at CAPE 4 and STAPLE! Plan on walking San Diego and selling APE. More to come, but for now check out the Green Reefer theme song:

3-10-2008 Awesome time with Art Love Magic at AllCon2008. Check out the pictures if you don't believe me. 

Hard at work.

With David Rodriguez of Art Love Magic

Outside with Chris Moore, who was on the piano keys. 

Mr. Boulet, I'm ready for my close up. 

At night I participated in the LOLLIE BOMBS burlesque show. If you're not familiar with this Dallas burlesque team, I'd recommend checking them out. They are a troupe of very sexy girls. Here is what I did for their show.


Milk and cookies hidden in the tattoo somewhere. 

What a great time. Thanks Mike. Thanks All-Con. Thanks Art Love Magic. 

02-18-2008 I'll be attending Staple! Small press expo Austin TX, 03-01-2008. Come check me out. I'll have loads on new stuff.

01-01-2008 HAPPY NEW YEAR! Cheers to 2008 being as productive as 07. New Years breakfast: (it was gooood)

12-20-2007 New comic online in the comic section of this site. The Tao of the Rusty Dog. A short by Mike Lagocki and myself.

12-17-2007 Don't worry- I'm still here. About to finish a five page short story titled 'The Best Sex Ever.' haha. I'll post it here, dont' draw any conclusions on it yet!

11-24-2007 Happy Holidays! Wizard World was a huge success. The Blue Book was released. Thanks to all my fans that supported me by buying books and sketches. Especially to the group that kept coming back! You guys and gals rock! Sketch total: Venom, Indiana Jones, X-Men, Milo Manara, Darth Vader, Hulk, Female Flash, and more that I can?t remember now.

When fin

11-07-2007 Updated Wizard World info. Artist Alley table 2110B. This is the third table number I've received. Either way I?ll be in the Artist Alley section. I?ll have new material and new prints for sale, Plus FREEBIES! Viva Josh Boulet!

11-05-2007 - The Art Love Magic show was a good time. Drank beer and hung out with other artists. WIZARD WORLD is coming! I'll be at the Artist Alley table 2240A. I'll be sharing with my good friend Mike Lagocki.

10-28-2007 - Comic book Guru, Larry Young, when asked about upcoming AiT/ ished, click Save or Cancel below. Change PermissionPlanet Lar projects; was quoted "[and]of course the four books I?m working on. Those aren?t ready to announce, but I think it?s safe to say Josh Boulet, the artist on the BLACK DIAMOND #4 sback-up will be drawing one. He?s a hot talent, man, and I?m gonna make him famous."  

Larry Young is the man. Check out his company AiT/ Planet Lar . Then read the entire article here 

10-19-2007 Being a comic artist is hard work. Not really. Well, maybe. I've updated the comics section Blade of the Immortal. You can now click on the link and see the Aug ad Dark Horse put in Previews. I promise you I didn't change the type size on the ad. Thanks to Philip Simon who hooked that up. Hopefully I'll be working with them again. 

Also on 11-3-2007 I will be attending the Art love Magic Titan comic show. Thanks to my boy Mike Lagocki for hooking me up with that. If you're not familiar with ALM or Mike I must INSIST that you check them both out, here.  

10-11-2007 Check out my back cover on Blade of the Immortal#130. 

10-02-2007 Dallas local paper, The Quick, had a nice bit on me. The highlighted area below. How cool is it that my artwork is next to Deham's Iron Man!

9-19-2007  The check is in the mail for an artist table at Wizard World TX.