A little song a little dance... and a little photoshop. Just having fun

Drawing finished

The view from the Hotel window last night. Las Vegas Nevada

Day Three. BIG expo Las Vegas

Hotel Living. After three days of solid working, well okay, three days of hanging out I pin up the drawing the the Paris Hotel Las Vegas to finish the drawing.


Drawing for the BIG EXPO. Day two of the drawing. A lot more work left. Las Vegas

TIME TO UPDATE. I'M TRAVELING. Sketch the World! Landing in Vegas last night. it was a late flight and more of a party flight to Vegas. As we are landing there is a disturbance on the plane. A drunk passenger is arguing with another and its escalating. There is a lot of f#$k yous being thrown out, and the flight attendant is forced to move the drunk passenger up front. We land and taxi, and now am told to wait. This is unusual, and it is obvious that they are waiting for the police. enough time goes by that we are forced to stay in our seats that I've ready to forgive everyone and get off the plane. The tan uniformed cop shows up and escorts the drunk off the plane to everyones applause. TOUCH DOWN AND THE ADVENTURE ALREADY BEGINS. Now I'm sitting in a coffee shop at the Paris Hotel writing this, about to start todays work, and by that I mean drawing. Love.

Back on

The Amelia Chang Project

CitiFIELD Mets Stadium. Use the buy now button, below drawing, if you want a 11x17 print

riding the 7 train to CitiFIELD

A quick sketch of CitiFIELD before the fun begins inside...

When the Mets hit a home run, this giant apple pops up. Well before the game I am taking behind the scenes and one of the control room people lets me push the button. I smile and jam on the button, turn to see the apple pop up in the outfield. So fun and awesome

The goal is to be "ALL CITY" which means I need to go to all 5 Boroughs and draw something

Staten Island

New York at a glance

New York

Central Park

Freestyle Sunday at the legendary 5 POINTZ. Queens New York

Drawing New York City


Union Square. New York City



New York City Union Square


Joshua Boulet's "Draw Occupy Wall Street"

Details life in Zuccotti park during the Occupy Movement.

130 pages $20 plus shipping.

Occupy Wall Street Comic Book Art. Click here for prints


On the way to the Come Together Festival in Muncie Indiana. The road is a cruel mistress. $160 and 1.5 hours later we are back on the road. Zach Pohl gives a copy of his Album to the tow truck driver and the next morning gets a voice mail of the TT driver telling him how much he "FREAKING LOVED the cd!" as we arrive at the festival. nothing to do but wait, draw, and sing

Setting up camp sites

The view from the truck, where I slept. It was cold in Indiana today


Friends and family on Mars. We're singing about a lonely robot explorer.


Deep Ellum Arts Fest. 2012. Zach Scot Pohl


Isn't love beautiful?


Spoonfed Tribe at Trees in Dallas Texas.


Hindu God Shiva


Ad one for ArtLOVEmagic's UNDERGROUND 4. Anyone see me drawing in the pic?





Occupy Wall Street Comic Book Art. Click here for prints


Occupy Wall Street Comic Book Art. Click here for prints


Prints now online of the Occupy Wall Street artwork I've done at ground zero.



Heading Back to NYC. Oh my goodness!


Museum of Comics and Cartoon art. Why wasn't I told of this before now?!?


Well I'm back from spreading love and documenting Occupy Wall Street in NYC. So here are some drawings...

When you sleep on the streets at OWS, sometimes you can wake up like this...


BATMAN! This submission is an alternate universe. These pages begin after the Wayne family has left the movie theater.



Done for the Comic Book Legal Denfese Fund


Murals for Rising Starz Day Care. Oh yeah!


Images from BlackBook 17






Aside from partying on Bourbon st in New Orleans, I sometimes get a chance to draw. I read "Hicksville" By Dylan Horrocks, and in the new introduction there is a scene where a boy's comics are burned by the father. it was such a powerful image I had to draw it myself. So this is a drawing off a drawing by Dylan Horrocks. I did add the Hicksville book burning as it seemed to fit. GREAT READ. I recommend it.